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After a time of radio silence the Firezone website is now being updated. New content will be made available in the upcoming days/weeks. Keep an eye out!



ETL of the new website: 08/08/2016

Our Party News

Firezone is a five piece crossover metal band from the Netherlands, operating in the Maastricht/Heerlen area. The band consists of (ex-)members of Downshot (hardcore punk), Pikkatrillaz (hip-hop), Seven Ends (thrash), Contradefused (rap metal), Soundmaze (classic metal/NWOBHM), Out Of Reverse (metalcore), Tasered (female fronted metal) and Voyages (progressive metalcore) among others. Firezone explores the boundaries between thrash metal, hardcore punk, Heavy Metal, rock and some hip-hop. Lyric wise, Firezone switches from questioning authority in sociopolitical themes, to exploring the ingeniously insane mind of billion-dollar moviestar Charlie Sheen, to debating a special troops commander, while shining a light on a dark period in history that most would rather forget about. Firezone commenced in 2010, teamed up with Dubai/Bangkok/Texas based producer Joren Scharn to record their debut EP “Welcome to the Firezone” and was selected to headline Metal Asylum Fest 2011 in Dubai. In addition, Firezone has played several shows in different genres, opening up for acts like Knuckledust, Jacky Baggen, Peter Pan Speedrock and The Opposites, among others. Whether in front of 7000+ spectators at Urpop 2012, or a sold out Solar 2013 gig for a 30.000+ crowd, or a small club show in front of 50 people, Firezone is comfortable on any stage, anytime, anywhere. In 2014 Firezone inked a deal with RVP Records for their self-produced Hell To Pay EP. In 2015 Firezone changed drummers and switched to a harder style of metal. This is well reflected in the track Third Eye which was recorded and released Summer 2016 at Tomster Studios. New material in the Third Eye style is being written as we speak. With this the quest for global domination has only just begun.

Night Party

This is Firezone. Find out all about the band's members and their gear here.

  • Bas "BEF" Siersema (Vocals)
  • Jaap Bouvrie (Rhythm guitars)
  • Leon (Lead guitars)
  • Roy van den Boorn (Bass)
  • Fre Behets (Drums)

Our Dj's

We've done various recording sessions and made some nice video footage. Most of it can be viewed here at our website.

Want more? We occasionally post some exclusive stuff on our Reverbnation page, so keep an eye out for that as well.

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Our Dj's

We are working on new material and no shows have currently been scheduled.

Keep an eye on this section though, we started talking to venues in Hamburg, Hannover, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Munich.