Our Party News

Bas BEF Siersema

Spawned: in the year of the Dragon
Born: third generation Indo-Dutch, raised in Maastricht
Height: taller than the average man
Profession: professional FTW
Weapons: Hayabusa 16oz boxing gloves, Shure SM58
Influences: Yuppicide, Irate, Slayer, Death Angel, Poison Idea, Vinnie Paz, Testament, Merauder, Warzone, D.R.I, Wehrmacht, Nasty, Cold As Life, Breakdown, Misfits, Johnny Cash, Motörhead, Dark Angel, Go!, Necro, Cold World, Iron Maiden, Crown Of Thornz, Type O Negative, BGK, Ill Bill, Lärm, La Coka Nostra, FEAR, Bad Brains, Immortal Technique, Sacred Reich, Venom, Right Direction, Backfire, Downshot, Pikkatrillaz, Beowülf, Slaine, Biohazard, Terror, Danzig, Public Enemy etc. etc.
Best movies: American Hardcore, Making A Scene, Get Thrashed, Flight 666, Kroonjuwelen 
Hottest chick: Bonnie Rotten
Fav FZ songs: Westerling, Excuse to Recuse
Worst/best stage experience: crashing through three different stages

Bas "BEF" (Vocals)

Leon (Lead guitars)

Jaap (Rhythm guitars)

Fre (Drums)

Roy (Bass)